Korenix ra mặt dòng sản phẩm không dây thế hệ mới

Korenix industrial outdoor AP/Router is now available for worldwide ordering and distribution. Industrial Indoor/Din-Rail AP/Router is planned to launch for faster network deployments and mobile flexibility as wireless market demands.

2014-02-28 185039

The latest guideline introduces the key insight of Korenix industrial Wireless products and a concise introduction of product features, such as 20ms super roaming on the JetWave 2800 series (outdoor multi-RF 802.11a/b/g/n wireless AP) provides the solutions with seamless handover and up to 120Mbps for high speed mobile trains and vehicles applications, IP gateway routing technology on the JetWave 3300 series (industrial Cellular IP Gateway/Router) enables the IP Gateway routing to switch perfectly between LAN to 3G and WIFI to 3G, Wireless Network Redundancy on the JetWave 3200 Series (Industrial Din-Rail Wireless AP/Bridge/Router) allows the simultaneous use of two radio interfaces to prevent transmission interference, so users can be sure that its entire network will always be in service, and the Rugged USB Dongle Holder is equipped on JetBox 5633G-W (Industrial GbE VPN Router Computer) to ensure a stable USB expansion in an operation with heavy vibrations and shocks.


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