Waterworks Facility Monitoring

Waterworks Facility Remote Monitoring in China

As the demand for improving water quality for reuse increases, the reliable operation of Waterworks facilities becomes of high importance. Monitoring the operation of the Waterworks systems in real-time is a challenge for companies since they work non-stop, requiring construction of advanced, highly reliable, redundant and automated network infrastructure systems. The challenges here are numerous: communication of widely distributed equipment across the plants that occupy large areas, prevention from network electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, resistance to harsh environment conditions, etc.

In Shanghai a Waterworks Facility chose to use Korenix Ethernet switches for its plant monitoring project. 

The JetNet 4508f switches distributed throughout the plants connected and extended data from PLCs to the control center by forming a redundant ring through the fiber ports. The supported MSR with its very fast recovery time allowed administrator to communicate the non-stop data with the JetNet 5428G-2G-2FX rackmount switch in monitoring room over long distances. In addition to extending data between widely distributed plants, optical fiber cable also helped to resist the electromagnetic interference.

Diagram of the Water Works Facility Remote Monitoring in China

Since the JetNet 4508f supports Modbus TCP, the network designer was able to integrate them in HMI systems deployed at different plants of the facility to further enhance monitoring, maintenance and network control of equipment, without the need of using additional monitoring tools.

The project, which initially used AC to DC24V power backup system to charge the battery (this obviously resulted a very poor power quality), also required a solution, that could ensure high quality of the power system. By choosing JetNet 4508f with a built-in dual 10~60VDC power input range, the network operator was able to improve the power quality and reliability in the Waterworks facility.

The rugged parameters of the switches that conformed with heavy industry EMS and EMI requirements, have been yet another key factor for users’ choice of the switches. By further offering the built-in watchdog timer, IP31 grade enclosure with -40~75oC wide operating temperature range, the JetNet 4508f was able to provide operation stability and reliability in the water plant exposed to intense electromagnetic interference, temperature changes, etc.

Main Products
JetNet 4508f-w 8-port Managed Fast Ethernet Fiber Switch
JetNet 5428G-2G-2FX 24+4G Managed Ethernet Ring Switch

Why JetNet 4508f-w 
★Fiber ports for extending data to the control room and resisting electromagnetic interference 
★MSR ring redundancy with 5ms recovery time for uninterrupted data transmission
★Modbus TCP for monitoring and maintaining HMI systems
★High level EMS Protection and Heavy industry EMC conformance and -40~75oC operating temperature for resisting harsh conditions 
★Dual 10~60VDC power input range for redundant power supply

Why JetNet 5428G-2G-2FX
★JetNet 5428G-2G-2FX supports 2 100SFP ports and offers MSR for 100Mbps redundant fiber ring construction with JetNet 4508f
★LLDP and JetView Pro for auto topology visualization and large group management networks 
★Fan-Less design with -25~70oC wide operating temperature

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