Ericsson M2M Solution Supports Crab Farming in China



Ericsson works with China Agriculture University to launch a “Smart Fish Farming Project” in Yixing, Jiangsu.

In 2011, Ericsson successfully completed the field trial project, “Smart Fish Farming,” together with China Agriculture University, at the Chinese Mitten Crab Breeding Base in the city of Yixing in Jiangsu Province. With the support of Ericsson M2M technologies, local farmers will be able to use their mobile phones to monitor and control the water quality of crab ponds in real-time, and thus lower their energy consumption, save labor, and enhance productivity.

Some of our key partners visiting the fish ponds in China

Tiny, invisible changes in the living environment are often fatal to crabs, putting crab breeding at considerable risk. It is therefore vital for the farmers to have real-time information of the water quality of their ponds. At the crab ponds in Yixing, Ericsson engineers have installed a set of water-quality monitoring systems based on wireless sensor network to observe all indicators of water quality, including temperature, acidity and alkalinity, and dissolved oxygen. The sensors will collect and transmit data to a cloud computing platform, which will then make an analysis of the data, send alarms when abnormal data are found, and give instructions to oxygen pumps and other water-quality controllers.

Additionally, to facilitate the monitoring of water quality anytime and anywhere, Ericsson has also developed an Android-based smartphone application just for the local crab breeders.

Figure: The overall architecture for the Proof of Concept for the fish farm project

Mats H. Olsson, President of Ericsson China & North East Asia, said: “I am very excited to see the benefits our communications technologies have brought to farmers in real life. I hope that this pioneering project in Yixing will soon expand to other industries, enabling more people and businesses to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the Internet of Things.”

At PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2011, visitors at the Ericsson booth were able to see the Ericsson M2M platform showcasing the “Smart Fish Farming Project.”

From cleaning to farming, driving to shopping, there’s nothing new communication technologies cannot do. With demands growing in China, we can only expect more to come,” reported China Central Television (CCTV), a predominant state television broadcaster in mainland China.

To watch the full CCTV report, click here.

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