8002 Pacom-Edge Controller

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The Pacom 8002 next generation controller is built using Pacom-edge technology. Pacom-edge represents a new family of devices enabling advanced security capabilities across an organization's Ethernet backbone. The IP capability means there is a reduced need for traditional security cabling which ensures convenient deployment and extensive scalability. The 8002 delivers an optimal, all-in-one building platform that integrates all functionality required for a remote security system. The modular architecture makes the 8002 simple to install and configure,as well as expand and integrate as your future security needs require. With dual onboard Ethernet capabilities the 8002 is a fully integrated network-enabled security controller, providing the perfect platform to install and expand using your existing network infrastructure.


  • Equipped with two independent Ethernet ports to offer a vast amount of flexibility to customers seeking enhanced high level integration with third party sub-systems
  • Hybrid operation with builtin access control and full intrusion detection
  • Six expansion ports can accommodate plug-ins, such as an input module, output module and communication modules for GPRS, PSTN and serial connectivity.
  • Supports the auto-discovery of plug-in and peripheral devices to simplify the commissioning process.
  • Range of configuration templates can be configured to ensure the deployment of new sites is standardized, seamless and efficient.
  • Dual-flash memory allows firmware upgrades while system active
  • Offline card and event transaction memory
  • Supports most card readers
  • Multiple alarm area and keypad support
  • Peer-to-peer support

 Expansion module



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